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Technical SEO Audit

10 - 40 hours of SEO and analysis
Maximize your website's capabilities with our thorough technical SEO audit, meticulously crafted to pinpoint and address critical technical issues. This approach enhances your online presence and facilitates sustainable organic traffic expansion.
We'll evaluate:
  • Links
  • Heading structure
  • Crawl budget
  • Speed
  • User experience
  • URLs
  • Metadata
  • Content hierarchy
  • Keyword targeting
  • Images
  • Backlinks
  • Internal links
  • DNS and hosting
  • XML sitemap
  • Use of Javascript
  • Schema markup
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Content Audit

5 - 10 hours of SEO analysis
Our team utilizes advanced SEO tools to meticulously crawl your website, generating data-driven strategic recommendations for optimizing each page. Through this process, we assist you in effectively engaging in content pruning.
We'll furnish you with:
  • Pages to be optimized
  • Suggestions for content
  • Pages that are underperforming and could be removed
  • Pages that need additional links
  • Pages that need additional content
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Content Strategy

Our content strategy meticulously outlines the topics essential for enhancing site visibility within your niche, providing a roadmap tailored to your target audience and SEO objectives. By identifying key subjects and structuring content accordingly, we ensure your website remains at the forefront of search engine rankings.
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SEO Content Briefs

Our SEO content briefs offer concise and tailored guidelines to effectively structure and optimize your website's content for maximum search engine visibility. We ensure your content resonates with your audience while aligning seamlessly with your SEO strategy.
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Google Ads (PPC)

Elevate your company’s digital footprint through our customized PPC (Pay-Per-Click) strategy, meticulously designed to reach pertinent audiences, enhance conversion rates, and amplify ROI. Our solution ensures you stand out in a fiercely competitive online environment.
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SEO Page Analysis

Enhance your company’s digital approach with our SEO Page Analysis service. Our team meticulously evaluates and optimizes all elements of your webpage, ensuring heightened visibility, superior rankings, and boosted organic traffic.
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SEO Content Writing

Revitalize your businesses digital presence through our SEO content writing services. Meticulously crafted to captivate audiences, boost search engine visibility, and position your business as a trusted authority in your niche, our expertly curated content drives meaningful engagement and fosters sustainable growth.
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